Rectangle lamp LCL-MW 40W~400W



Light Source Model:LCL-MW series

Power Range:40-400W

Energy Saving Rate:20%-80% than traditional light

Efficient Life Span:100,000H

Luminous Flux Maintenance:2,000H≥95%

Application Environment:suitable for factory, street, park, gas station, super market, stadiums, office etc.


1.Our patent product improved the round induction light, using high temperature resistant silicone gasket, solve the structure of glass tube and magnet ring effectively, makingthe Links more fixed and Inductance more stable.

2.Electrodeless light source is with high air suction vacuum ,life span can up to 100,000 hours.

3.New LCL-MW rectangle series light source have many details improvement in structure and surface, high temperature resistant silicone gasket. pipe the bridge plug , light source line joint making the whole tube looks more beautiful.

4.Light source optical performance well, wide range of optional color temperature(2700K-6500K)and can meet the demand of various occasions. Luminous efficiency can up to 70-80Lm / W, high color rendering CRI: ≥ 85, distinguish colors more realistic. Soft light and without blinking, making your visual feeling more suitable.

5.With our patented electronic ballast of LCL-KF and DF series possess superior electrical parameter and great environmental adaptability, working well in - 30 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃.In AC85-305V, it can instantly start, its power factor ≥0.95, In AC165-265V, it can instantly start, its power factor ≥0.98 , THD ≤10%, reaching the international L level. Green electricity, accordance with electromagnetic compatibility (EMI) standard, no pollution to the environment and the power network.

6.Applied to factories, shopping malls, office buildings, classroom, supermarket, road, parking lot, gas stations, stadium, bridge lighting, etc, especially tunnel, subway, cold storage, billboard, and other places.

7.Comparison advantages: saving 20% - 80% power than traditional lamp; Effective life 60,000 hours, 6-10 times than traditional lamp; Warranty of 5 years. 

8.Have many kinds of installation way . Use the single bracket , bridge bracket , E40 /E27CAP and so on .


5years warranty