Round lamp LCL-SS 40W~400W



Light Source Model:LCL-SS series

Power Range:40-400W

Energy Saving Rate:20%-80% than traditional light

Efficient Life Span:100,000H

Luminous Flux Maintenance:2,000H≥95%

Application Environment:suitable for factory, street, park, gas station, super market, stadiums, office etc.


1.Unique thermal structure , effectively reduce the system temperature > 30% .Which way can solve the light fades issues .

2.ballasts use the input and output modules independent design ballast casing with high heat dissipation structure design an effective solution to the problem of component temperature rise.

3.The model use the E40 cap, So that do not need to change the old fixture , it is more convenient to install and maintenance .

4.The light source is good .the color temperature is from 2700K-6500K . It can suit many application .and the effective lumen is over 70-75Lm/W ,CRI≥80 ,the color is more realistic and can protect eyes .

5.Our patented electronic ballast of LCL - PB series possess superior electrical parameter, and great environmental adaptability, working well in - 30 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃; In AC165-265V, it can instantly start, its power factor ≥0.95, and THD 10% ≤10%, reaching the international L level standard; Green electricity, accordance with electromagnetic compatibility (EMI) standard, no  pollution to the environment and the power network. 

6.Applied to factories, shopping malls, office buildings, classroom, supermarket, road, parking lot, gas stations, stadium, bridge lighting, etc., especially tunnel, subway, cold storage, billboard, and other places.

7.Comparison advantages: saving 20% - 80% power than traditional lamp; Effective life 60,000 hours, 6-10 times than traditional lamp.


5years warranty