Single voltage ballast LCL-DF


model number:LCL-DF

power range:40-400W

working voltage:165V-265V

harmonic wave content:≤10%

working frequency:50/60Hz


1.Long life: the average life up to 60,000 hours.

2.Wide Voltage Working: AC165-265V。

3.Instant start: start quickly , which means once you open ,the lamp is bright .Frequent switches do not affect the lifespan.

4.High power factor: power factor≥0.98 。

5.Environmental strong adaptability : normal working at -30℃~+50℃.

6.Low harmonic content : THD≤10%,,reach the international L-level standards.

7.Electromagnetic compatibility (EMI)correspond to the stand requirements, eliminate the pollution of environment and power grid.

8.Special circuit design can promote operating distance from 1.5M to 25M according to your needs.   


5years warranty